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Lucien Gruss

" Often, persons or human beings brought us something wonderful or brought us a certain consciousness to allow us to live differently and pleasantly. "

Under the instigation and the organization of our friends Olivia and Guy, owner of two Friesian stallion, we passed one week (13 on December 19th, 2010) together with Mister Lucien GRUSS, in the National Stud farm of Uzès.
Were present: Olivia / Max, Guy / Phryso, Fiona / Stoer van Boreel Ster, Virginie/Sander Virginie/Sander van Diphoorn and myself and Epke Ster.

Lucien Gruss: " Horses learnt me to be more human "

We passed one week in Lucien's intimacy, and can testify of the humanity of the man and his nobility of soul, and especially its passion.
He likes horses and proved it to us due to his courses with our horses and riders, whose progress was "lightning", as well as repetitions which he makes with his horses of shows. Man of show but especially man of the "righteousness", " of the impulse ", " of the lightness", man who does not stay without aftereffects of his meeting with Nino O. and General Durand (Cadre Noire de Saumur).
Daniel and myself are proud of compliments that Mr Gruss made for us, of part the quality of our riders, the quality of our horses and then on our Epke Ster, that he considers as one of the rare Friesian that he had the opportunity to meet in his life of such a quality in the movements of "Haute Ecole".






















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