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Equita Lyon 2011

After an abscence of ten years, of the Lyon's Horse Show 'Equita Lyon', and a presence more than wished by the organization of Equita Lyon, we made the travel with 7 stallions and a mare.

Were present: Epke Ster, Stoer van Boreel Ster, Saviro Ster, Tijiske Ster, Ward Ster, Mathijs, Phryso and Max.

We presented our horses during two passages a day whether it is on the career of breeding, Equita and Nikito.

It goes without saying that our horses have success received one francs and that public was more than dazzled, testimonies receipt by them.

Thanks to the "staff": Olivia, Guy, Fiona, Milk, Léa, Eric and Laure, thanks to public - 5 days of lounge show of pure happiness.

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